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Pseudoface strives to give a face to the stigmatized and the faceless.
Our Press Kit includes logos, creative material, as well as information about the founders and the values of Pseudoface. Click the download button below or keep scrolling to read about us!
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About the company

Pseudoface uses AI to give a face to anonymous creators without compromising their privacy and safety.

While the creator economy continues to grow, our society still struggles to accept some of these creations, professions and ideas. We believe that anonymity on the Internet, while an unintended feature, has actually enabled the highest degree of freedom of speech in history. We intend to keep it that way.

This is us

Pablo Yus
Co-Founder & CEO
Sabina Niemier
Co-Founder & CFO
Victor Yus
Head of Design

Now this is really us

Or is it? 😁
Pablo Yus
Co-Founder & CEO
A filmmaker in a past life, Pablo has now a decade of experience working with early stage startups as a software engineer and product manager. He's built consumer products for the healthcare, media and legal industries.
Sabina Niemier
Co-Founder & CFO
Sabina's exceptional ability to navigate through complex trends while holding herself accountable to “doing the right thing”, has enabled her to make a positive impact in the evolving landscape of sustainability and artificial intelligence.
Victor Yus
Head of Design
With a background in both biology and art, Victor has an innate ability to bring complex ideas onto any type of canvas. His illustrations are now the front of countless LGBT+ events and personalities in Spain.

Ethical AI Manifesto

Pseudoface was built to give a face to the vulnerable and the stigmatized.
We believe Artificial Intelligence can bring unprecedented freedom to individuals, but as makers of these tools we also understand the great potential for harm and do not shy away from our responsibility to prevent it. We not only discourage the misuse of our tool, but take active measures to ensure Pseudoface is only applied ethically.
Do not use our tool to harm others.

Logos & Media

You can find these and more creative material by downloading the press kit above.

Frequently asked questions

Is a pseudoface the same as a deepfake?
No. Actually we like to think about it as the opposite of a deepfake. Instead of stealing someone's identity, a pseudoface protects it. We use AI-generated faces instead of real ones, so to all practical effects, it's no different from heavy makeup.
Is it a free tool?
We do offer a limited trial, but unfortunately the processing costs of running this type of model is still quite high so we cannot offer a fully free tier.
Do you offer refunds?
Sadly we can't offer refunds. Pseudoface uses very expensive computers to create realistic face filters. We can't offer refunds without taking a substantial loss.
How does it really work?
Pseudoface uses face detection algorithms to understand your face in photos and videos. It then generates artificial faces using AI and adapts them to your facial features so that they fit the shape, lighting and movements.
Can my real face be extracted from my pseudoface?
No. It is safer than an actual mask or face blurring. No one (human or bot) can simply "remove" the pseudoface because we literally replace the pixels in the image. And no one can deduce your real identity from it since there's not enough information on the image to do so. As a caveat, make sure to cover other identifiable features like tattoos or birth marks, these could be recognized by someone who knows you!
Is it legal to change my face?
Yes. Pseudofaces are AI generated. They are not real people, so you are not impersonating anyone.
Is it ethical to change my face?
Yes. It’s your face, your body, your rules. Using a pseudoface is no different from using a pseudonym.
Who owns the content?
The users do. Any videos or photos that you process with Pseudoface are yours and only yours. We will never change this. If you want to make sure, go to the Settings page of the app and tap on "Delete all results".
What happens to the users' data?
User data is stored in secured servers located in Europe and it's never linked to their actual identity. We use this anonymous data to improve our product, but we will never sell or share it. We literally sell anonymity, keeping your identity a secret is how we make money. This will never change.
Does it produce AI artifacts?
Sometimes. If lighting is poor, the face is not on focus or recorded in a weird angle the pseudoface might become unstable. Always make sure to check your videos for artifacts before making them public.

Ask the founders directly

Pseudoface was founded and built by a loving couple to fight the stigma around certain professions or ideas. We are not a big corporation, so we can't promise the fastest response, but rest assured we'll put our soul into helping you.

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